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Rethink gives you award-winning, research-based resources, training, and support for a child with learning or behavioral challenges. Plus, it’s free to PayPal employees!

Raising children. It doesn’t come with a handbook. If you have a child with learning or behavioral challenges, it can be hard to know what to do. That’s why Rethink offers its research-based program to help parents navigate parenting a child with developmental disabilities.

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Visit to register with Rethink to use its services (access code: PayPal). The Rethink mobile app is available in China in iOS (currently in English only), but not in Android.

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Rethink is a program developed by highly experienced clinicians, educators, and leaders in the field of developmental disabilities that shows you behavior intervention techniques to help your child reach their full potential.

Get live support

Take advantage of live consultations via phone or video chat with behavioral health experts. They can answer your questions and provide guidance to help your child reach their top potential.

Schedule an appointment at a time that works for you, whether it be day or night, weekday or weekend (with 24 hours notice). You can discuss:

  • How to teach new skills
  • How to address problem behaviors at home
  • Troubleshooting lack of progress
  • Collaborating with school and other providers
  • Coping with the stress of a new diagnosis
  • Dealing with ongoing daily struggles at home
  • Getting the most out of the Rethink platform

Plus, you have access to several resources, training, and support in a simple web-based format. Materials such as flashcards, worksheets, schedule templates, and token boards. And hundreds of easy-to-follow videos from an expansive library depicting behavioral health experts teaching children skills such as:

Language—From beginning speech to back-and-forth conversation

Socialization—Making eye contact, basic sharing, telling jokes, and working in groups

Self-help—Using utensils, dressing, brushing teeth, hygiene, and doing laundry

Academics—From matching and following directions to answering reading comprehension and math word problems

Vocational—From writing an email to filling out a job application

Currently some services are available in Spanish.

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