Telecommuting and flexi-work arrangements

What you need to know

PayPal is committed to helping employees maintain balance between the demands of their work life and personal life. That’s why we offer telecommuting and flexi-work arrangements (MyBalance)—so you can achieve the right balance for you!

Work from home—telecommuting

Telecommuting allows you to work from home instead of the office. If you’re approved to telecommute, you’ll work your regular hours, attend meetings, and hit your deadlines just as you would if you were at the office. 

What you need

You’ll need the following equipment to telecommute unless other arrangements have been made:

  • Notebook or desktop system loaded with company-compliant software
  • Internet access (cable or DSL) 
  • Dedicated telephone line for Internet dial-up and an alternate way to communicate with the office (cell phone, pager, alternate phone line) 

Telecommuting may not be available for everyone. Some jobs and positions at PayPal cannot be performed outside the office environment. Talk to your manager to see if telecommuting might be right for you. And be sure to get your manager’s approval before you begin to telecommute.

Create your own schedule—flexi-work

With flexi-work, you have control over your start and end work times within the scope of regular office hours. The only requirement is you must be in the office during core hours of 1100 to 1700, Monday–Friday.


Employees who opt for a flexi-work arrangement continue to work 45 hours a week. You can make up any missed hours on Saturday. You must also attend all meetings. Whenever possible, meetings will be scheduled during core hours.

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Telecommuting and flexi-work

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