Virtual mental health visits

What you need to know

What if you could chat with a psychiatrist or therapist via a secure video link? No more driving to appointments. No more waiting rooms. You can through Optum’s Telemental Health* (TMH)! 

Optum’s TMH is an easy way to connect with mental health providers—based on your schedule. All you need is a device with an Internet connection, and you can connect with psychiatrists and therapists 24/7.

Therapy, medications, and more

TMH clinicians can evaluate and treat general mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. They can provide therapy and prescribe medications if needed (per state telehealth rules and regulations). You’ll chat with trusted and vetted psychiatrists and therapists who are part of Optum’s behavioral health network.

Register now!

  1. Visit and enter access code: PayPalUS.
  2. Select “Find a Provider.”
  3. Click “Telemental Health” to find a provider licensed in your state.

*Employees located in Nebraska have access to virtual mental health visits through the Nebraska EAP provider, Arbor Family Counseling, at 800-922-7379 or

Provider contact information

Employee Assistance Program

Arbor (Nebraska employees)

Access code: Arbor