Build financial security

What you need to know

Money stress. Most Americans have it and live with it each day. But did you know that it’s not all just about money? Your relationship with money plays a big role in how much financial security you can build.

Financial freedom is…possible

What if you could change your relationship with money? You can. With the meQuilibrium Financial Well-Being Track, you can get to the root of your financial stress, such as ingrained behaviors or core beliefs you have about money that need to be reframed.

All it takes is a few minutes a day, and in less than a month, you’ll create lasting habits to reduce your financial stress. meQuilibrium’s Financial Well-Being Track uses interactive exercises that focus on:

  • Uncovering the forces that have shaped your financial life
  • Reducing the feeling of never having enough
  • Aligning your saving and spending habits with core values
  • Managing your money with more confidence and calm
  • Complementing and maximizing existing financial programs and benefits

Ready to break up with money stress?

Check out the Financial Well-Being Track


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