What you need to know

Broken ribs. A difficult pregnancy. The back spasms from a car accident. There are plenty of reasons why you may need Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD). That’s why PayPal provides both at no cost to you. You’re automatically enrolled in each, so you’re covered if the unexpected hits you.

How the plans work


Receive 80% of your base salary (max of $6,500 per week) for up to 6 weeks, then 80% of your base salary for up to 6 months total. The Enhanced Maternity Benefit provides 100% of your base salary for up to eight weeks of pregnancy disability leave. Keep in mind that there is a 7-day waiting period before STD benefits kick in.


The Core LTD Plan provides you with 60% of your base salary once you’ve exhausted PayPal’s short-term disability (STD) benefit. You’re automatically enrolled and there are no contributions required for Core LTD coverage.

For additional protection, you can elect the LTD Buy-Up Plan benefit, which increases your LTD benefit to 70% of your annual base salary. You pay the cost for this additional coverage, which is deducted from your paycheck post-tax.

For more information, view the LTD FAQ.

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