Four benefits you don’t want to miss out on

What you need to know

Focusing on your well-being can be hard these days. As you continue to navigate all that’s on your plate, count on your benefits to help guide you through the uncertainty. These four benefits can support you in dealing with stress, parenting, and the daily life challenges you’re facing.

Additional EAP sessions now covered

We recognize that you may be feeling stressed, worried, and anxious, among many other feelings, during this time. That’s why we’re enhancing the EAP to cover 10 sessions, per issue, each year, with the possibility of more included under your medical coverage. Speak confidentially with a professional about all that you’re feeling or the issues you’re facing, at no cost to you.

Manage your stress with 24/7 support

These days, stress may be at an all-time high for you. If you need 24/7, on-demand tools and resources to help you address it, download and register with the meQuilibrium app to build resiliency for dealing with life challenges. It costs you nothing, and when you enroll in the meQuilibrium program, you can take a stress assessment, complete with a personalized action plan that is given to you afterwards.

Parenting help when you need it most

Are you planning a family, a new parent, or parenting a child with unique challenges? You have access to some great benefits, Cleo and Rethink, to guide you through your personal parenting journey, at no cost to you.

New parents: Parenting is hard, especially during this unprecedented time. Trust the guidance of a parental coach through Cleo to help you during your first year of parenting. Because new parents can use support now more than ever.

Raising a child with developmental or learning disabilities? Rethink offers free resources—including guidance, support, and videos—to help you navigate your individual situation.

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