Health plan help

What you need to know

PayPal offers several resources to help you navigate your medical plan and make sure you’re getting the best care possible. Don’t go at it alone. Whether you don’t understand your medical plan, a diagnosis, or suggested treatment, we’ve got your back with these resources.

Alight Health Pro

Have a benefits issue you can't resolve? Alight Health Pro is available to you at no additional cost and can help you and your eligible dependents navigate the health care system.

Call 800-513-1667 or email to reach a Health Pro consultant.

A Health Pro consultant can help you:

  • Understand your benefits paperwork.
  • Verify coverage before an appointment.
  • Transfer medical records.
  • Resolve health care billing and insurance claim disputes.
  • Schedule appointments.

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Provider contact information

Expert Medical Opinion

Get the answers you need to feel comfortable about medical issues, at no additional cost to you.

View the FAQs about Teladoc Medical Experts or call 855-380-7828 to get started.

You, your dependents, parents, and parents-in-law have access to world-class specialists through Teladoc Medical Experts service. Teladoc Medical Experts provides medical reviews covering a broad spectrum of conditions. Experts from all over the globe are chosen specifically to address your concerns and determine the best course of treatment for your medical situation.

You’ll connect with your advocate physician who will guide you through every step in the process and coordinate your review with a team of specialists and your existing physician. Whenever you're concerned about a treatment or diagnosis, feel that you are not clear on what to do next, or wonder if you have all the information you need to be comfortable making a decision, contact Teladoc Medical Experts by phone or email to connect with an Teladoc advocate physician.

Expert Medical Opinion services now for parents and parents-in-law

In addition to you and your covered dependents, now your parents and parents-in-law will be able to take advantage of expert second opinions from world-class specialists through Teladoc Medical Experts service. Experts from all over the world can review a diagnosis and help you determine the best course of treatment for your medical situation. This service is provided to you at no cost, and no enrollment is required.

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Provider contact information

Help with your medical plan

Teladoc Medical Experts (Expert medical opinion)

+1-650-284-0984 (Outside U.S.)

UnitedHealthcare – 1:1 Benefit Consultations

Every Wednesday, UHC offers 1:1 visits with a health plan specialist. Sign up for a free 15-minute appointment to learn more about your benefits or get help with your medical plan. A specialist will call you at the number you provide.

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