Flexible Spending Accounts

How do the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) work?

What is the maximum amount I can contribute to an FSA?

How do I know how much to contribute?

What is the cutoff date for using the money in my 2019 FSA?

What is the deadline to submit all my 2019 FSA claims?

Will I receive a refund if I don’t use all the money in my FSA by the end of the calendar year?

Do I have to enroll in the FSA during Annual Enrollment to participate for 2020?

Can I quit the FSA or change my election at any time?

Whose expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

What expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

What is the maximum reimbursement amount from a health and/or dependent care FSA?

How do I access my Health Care FSA funds?

How do I submit a claim?

I’ve enrolled in the Dependent Care FSA in the past and have not been allowed to contribute the full $5,000. Why is that?


What is the maximum amount I can contribute to the HSA?

How is my HSA funded?

How do I make contributions to my HSA?

What if I contribute too much to my account during the year and exceed the annual maximum contribution?

Can I change my HSA contribution amount during the year?

What if my spouse has an HSA, too?

Do I have to use funds from my HSA to pay for medical expenses and prescriptions?

What if I have money left in my HSA at the end of the year?

What if I use HSA funds to pay for non-qualified medical expenses?

Can I have a Health Savings Account (HSA) and a Health Care FSA?

Where can I get more information on HSA regulations?

How do I access the money in my HSA?

What should I do with my receipts?

How do I find out my HSA balance?

Are there any administrative fees charged to my HSA?

Is there a time restriction on when I may use the funds in the account?

Are there any special instructions for filing my taxes?

Milk Stork

How do I decide which option(s) to order?

Does Milk Stork provide breast milk storage bags? Can I use my own preferred brand of storage bags?

How long will the Milk Stork cooler keep my breast milk refrigerated?

Can I use Milk Stork to ship frozen breast milk?

How does my milk get shipped home?

How much breast milk can I pack in each Milk Stork cooler? How much do the loaded coolers weigh, and how big are they?

How does the Milk Stork cooler work?

Want more information about Milk Stork?

Progyny fertility benefits

Who is eligible for the Progyny Fertility Smart Cycle benefit?

Do I need a referral for treatment?

How can I use a Smart Cycle?

Can I use any fertility doctor?

Will I have to undergo other treatment prior to pursuing IVF Treatment?

Will I receive an insurance card from Progyny?

What insurance information should I provide to my network fertility clinic and lab?

What is my out-of-pocket responsibility?

When do I pay my out-of-pocket responsibility?

Are fertility medications covered under the plan? Do I need a pre-authorization for fertility medications?

How much will my medications cost?

Family Health app

Who can use the Family Health by Wildflower app?

How do I download and use the app?

Where in the app can I change information about my profile (e.g., photo, background color, family role, profile visibility)?

How does Family Health by Wildflower protect users’ privacy?