U.S. benefits support for reproductive health

What you need to know

To help with reproductive care access and family planning decisions, PayPal provides benefits and resources to support you and your family. This page summarizes available coverage under PayPal’s benefits, support programs, and program contact information. We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

Information current as of July 8, 2022

Support for health care needs

PayPal remains committed to providing comprehensive access to quality care for all employees and their families, including family planning and reproductive care, no matter where they live, to the extent permitted by law. The information below summarizes the various reproductive health benefits and resources available for PayPal U.S. employees. We’ll continue to update this resource page, so check back for updates.

UnitedHealthcare (UHC)

Reproductive health coverage

Travel and lodging benefits under the UHC plans cover eligible expenses for medical services, including expenses related to reproductive health. This means that family planning benefits are included for employees and their family members enrolled in the UHC plans to support access to care, including benefits around pregnancy-related decisions and abortion care.

To confirm the coverage available under the UHC health plans, including travel and lodging reimbursement for reproductive care services and to locate participating providers, visit myuhc.com or speak with a UHC Customer Care representative at 844-298-2737. UHC Advocates are available to guide you through your benefits, coverage, and care options via personalized consultations with a health plan specialist. Sign up for a free 15-minute appointment and a specialist will call you at the number you provide and help you with any questions you may have.

Pharmacy coverage

PayPal provides pharmacy coverage via CVS Caremark for PayPal employees enrolled in a UHC medical plan. Generally, all conventional methods of birth control for those who can become pregnant are covered at no cost share. Some medications may require prior authorization by your provider. You can check your drug cost and coverage using the CVS Drug Cost Tool or reach out to a CVS Caremark representative at 844-287-1297 for any additional pharmacy questions.

Progyny fertility support

Comprehensive fertility and family planning benefits are available through Progyny for PayPal employees enrolled in a UHC medical plan. Dedicated Progyny Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) provide support, education, and guidance for members throughout their journey. Progyny Patient Care Advocates can be reached at 833-838-5850 for any additional questions.

Kaiser Permanente HMO (California employees only)

Kaiser Permanente provides a full range of comprehensive, integrated reproductive health services including prenatal, maternity, family planning, contraception, and abortion services. Currently, in all states where Kaiser operates, surgical and medical abortions remain protected under state laws and there are no restrictions on abortion benefits. As a result, Kaiser Permanente members do not need travel and lodging reimbursement at this time. In any states where restrictions may become applicable, Kaiser will work to support delivery of these benefits to members as permitted by law.

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s reproductive health benefits, including information about abortion, birth control, pregnancy, and fertility. Coverage includes family planning and fertility services.

Find out more about Kaiser’s coordinated care and the benefits available to you by contacting Kaiser customer care directly at 800-464-4000.

Adoption and surrogacy support

PayPal provides adoption and surrogacy support through Progyny, available to all U.S. employees, even if you are not enrolled in a PayPal medical plan. Reimbursement for eligible expenses includes legal fees, court fees, placement fees, and adoption or surrogacy fees.

For questions about the PayPal adoption and surrogacy reimbursement programs, contact Progyny at 833-838-5850. You can also access resources to help you decide whether placing your baby for adoption is right for you. Visit Open Adoption and Family Services or Adoptions Together for more information.

Teladoc (virtual expert medical support)

Available to all PayPal employees at no cost, Teladoc’s expert medical services can answer medical questions related to reproductive health. If you live in a state with legal limitations, an opinion from an expert outside that state can be provided. Teladoc’s Find a Doctor service can assist you in locating a provider outside your state. You can reach Teladoc directly at 855-380-7828.

Emergency contraception

You can get emergency contraception without a prescription at most pharmacies.

  • UHC plan participants—contact a CVS Caremark representative at 844-287-1297 for any pharmacy questions.
  • Kaiser HMO plan participants—contact Kaiser HMO customer care directly at 800-464-4000.

Your protected health information (PHI) is confidential

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) imposes numerous requirements on the use and disclosure of individual health information by PayPal’s group health plans. This information is known as protected health information (PHI). Review the PayPal HIPAA Notice.

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Mental well-being

Decisions regarding pregnancy or any aspect of reproductive health (current or past) are private and highly personal and can impact you and your family in many ways. With the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, you may find yourself and/or your dependents experiencing many different emotions. To help you and your dependents navigate your emotional and mental health, we encourage you to reach out to the trained counselors available through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). As a PayPal employee, you and your dependents are eligible to receive up to 10 EAP sessions per issue per year at no cost. Please also note that you can talk with the EAP intake specialist and share provider preferences.

To contact the EAP:

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Employee Advocacy

Our Employee Advocacy team is trained to support complex employee needs, and they will engage and support employees and their dependents in a confidential and private manner. Advocates are always available and can discuss specific support needs or answer questions.

We know that these are complex issues and want to ensure employees have all the information about the resources available through our benefits.  Here are some specific ways that the Employee Advocacy team may be able to help (although employees should feel free to reach out for anything):

  • Support accessing paid time off (PTO) programs
  • Emergency financial assistance for non-medical expenses
  • Support with navigating resources
  • Support with other concerns or needs related to work that arise from this topic

Employees can contact the Employee Advocacy team and arrange for a confidential meeting to discuss specific needs. The team responds to requests within 24 hours.

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