Vida health coaching

What you need to know

Vida is a health coaching program that offers you a network of coaches and experts to help you achieve your wellness goals. No matter what your goal is—managing stress, eating better, or getting fit—Vida is your first stop for total well-being.

Why would I use it?

The Vida secure mobile app gives you ongoing guidance and support, interactive resources, and progress-tracking tools to keep you motivated. Plus, Vida coaches and experts will recommend PayPal resources and benefits that are also available to you. And it’s offered to all U.S. employees, spouses/partners, and dependents age 18 and older at no cost! For more information or to join, visit or watch a presentation (passcode: ks&x0t=l) about Vida.

A better you is possible

Ready to get started? Download the app and search for organization name PayPal.

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