Can’t work because of an illness or injury? We have you covered. Take time off to get better or heal — and not lose your income — with PayPal’s disability insurance plans.

PayPal pays 100% of premiums disability cover for you. This benefit doesn’t extend to covered family members.

Short- and long-term disability

You can take short- and long-term disability until you are age 65.

  • In the event of an illness, personal accident, or childbirth, you’ll receive supplement social security disability pension of up to 70% of your annual salary
  • If you have an accident at work, you can receive supplement statutory occupational accident insurance pension of up to 70% of your annual salary

Keep in mind there is a waiting period of 1 month before these benefits begin. You will be paid 100% of your salary by PayPal during this waiting period.

How to enrol

The Delta Lloyd form is provided to you in your hiring pack. Fill out the form and submit it to HR Hub Once you submit the form, HR Hub will contact Mercer to complete your enrolment.

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