What you need to know

Travel. Write a book. Pursue a hobby. Spend more time with your family. With PayPal’s sabbatical programme, you have the opportunity to do all this and more.

Who’s eligible

Full- and part-time employees are eligible to request a 4-week sabbatical after completing 5 years of continuous service with PayPal. The 5 years is generally calculated based on your hire date with PayPal.

If you work part-time and are eligible for a sabbatical, you will have 4 weeks off and will be paid based on your regularly scheduled workweek at the time you take your sabbatical.

Time absent due to a company-approved leave of absence (either paid or unpaid) counts towards your total service.

If you are a rehire, you may receive credit for prior service at a PayPal company on one occasion in your career, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • You have previously completed at least 12 continuous months of employment at a PayPal company
  • No more than 2 years have occurred between the end of your prior employment with a PayPal company and your date of rehire at a PayPal company
  • If you are an international transfer, the total service in all work locations will generally be counted towards eligibility for sabbatical, provided there was no break in service

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How it works

All 4 weeks of your sabbatical must be taken at once.

You must take your sabbatical within 12 months of becoming eligible.

If a company holiday occurs during your sabbatical, you may extend your time off by the same number of holidays.

You and your manager will be notified of your eligibility for sabbatical approximately 60 days prior to your eligibility date. You should discuss your plans with your manager prior to submitting a request for your sabbatical. You will also have access at all times to your sabbatical eligibility date in Workday.

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Pay and benefits while on sabbatical

Pay in lieu of time off is not authorised. While you’re on sabbatical, you will continue to receive your regular paycheque, based on your regular work schedule, as recorded in the Human Resources system. This includes your weekly rate of hourly wages or salary, including any bonuses paid under the PayPal Incentive Plan but not overtime pay, commission, or other bonuses or allowances.

Your paycheque will be provided through the normal process, either through direct deposit or cheque. If you receive a cheque, you will need to make arrangements for proper handling with the individual who distributes the live cheques.

If you reduce your schedule from full-time to part-time, your sabbatical pay will be calculated according to your current, regularly scheduled workweek and your current rate of pay just prior to commencing your sabbatical.

Your participation in the various benefit programmes in which you are enrolled at the time you take sabbatical will continue. All regular payroll deductions and withholdings will continue.

During your 4-week sabbatical, you will continue to vest in your stock options and accrue for vacation / PTO, if you are on an accrual system.

If you leave PayPal or notify PayPal that you are resigning, you will not be compensated for any portion of your unused sabbatical at the time of termination. The sabbatical is not an accrued benefit, and it is not a reward for past service.

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Request Sabbatical

Submit your sabbatical request in Workday in the My Time and Absence section. Just type “workday” into your browser (must be on the Bridge from the PayPal network). You can also access a practical guide in the Resources section of Workday and use the Sabbatical Checklist to prepare for your leave.

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