Time off and leaves of absence

What you need to know

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering ample time off for all kinds of situations.

Paid time off (PTO)

PayPal values your wellness and wants you to take care of yourself and others in a way that best addresses your needs. Our paid time off (PTO) policy provides the flexibility to use your time for whatever recharges you.

You start earning PTO on your first day of employment:

  • First day to the end of your first calendar year—15 days, prorated according to number of days with the company
  • Each additional calendar year—1 additional day per year, up to a maximum of 20 days

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Leaves of absence

Bereavement leave

Receive up to 20 days paid bereavement leave for the death of a family member, depending on the relationship.

Sick leave

Employees who become too sick to work are eligible for up to 30 days of paid sick leave per year.

If you require more than 30 days of sick leave, it will be unpaid. In this case, Social Security will provide 50% of your pay for up to 90 days per illness, up to the maximum limit of THB 7,500 per month, and for a total of 180 days each year.

Maternity leave

Expectant mothers receive 98 days (including weekends and holidays) of paid maternity leave. The company pays you 100% of your salary for 45 days. Social Security pays you a benefit for the remaining 53 days. You must have contributed to the Social Security Fund for at least 5 months within the past 15 months to qualify.

Sterilization leave

The amount of leave you’re eligible to receive is determined by a qualified doctor.

Military service leave

Receive up to 60 days of paid military service leave.

Personal business leave

You’re eligible for 3 days of paid leave for personal reasons.

Training leave

You may be eligible for unpaid training leave for developing your knowledge and ability. To qualify, you must apply for leave at least 30 days in advance.

Personal leave

If you have exhausted your paid leave, you may be entitled to take leave without pay.

In extraordinary circumstances, PayPal may provide unpaid personal leave for up to 30 days to eligible employees in good standing who need to take time off from work to fulfill urgent personal obligations not covered by paid leave.

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