Medical, dental, and vision

What you need to know

PayPal provides you and your dependents with 100% company-paid health care benefits. Your spouse, domestic partner, and children up to age 21 (age 24 if a student) are eligible for coverage, too.

Medical and dental

The medical plans (Omint SE3, C39, and C40) provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient coverage. In-network provider visits are covered at 100%; out-of-network coverage depends on the plan and service.

The dental plans (Omint OS1, C39, and C40) cover all basic specialties, orthodontic X-rays, tomography, and home bleaching. The C39 and C40 plans also cover laser bleaching and Omint’s dental clinic.


  • L15 to L21 employees: Omint SE3 medical plan + Omint OS1 dental plan
  • L22 to L27 employees: Omint C39 medical plan + Omint C39 dental plan
  • L28 and above employees: Omit C40 medical plan + Omint C40 dental plan


Eye exams and surgery are covered, according to local legislation. Expenses related to eyewear (glasses and contact lenses) are not covered.

For full plan details, including covered services and limitations that apply, please refer to your policy summary available on the Benefits page on the Bridge (page only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

How to enroll

You and your spouse / domestic partner and eligible children are enrolled in the plan once HR Hub receives the application (in your hiring pack) at the beginning of your employment. You’ll receive a welcome pack containing information about the plans from the insurance provider.

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