What you need to know

Your health plan is through the social health system, and you are responsible for participating in it. If your income is above the statutory salary ceiling, you may opt out of the social health system and select a private insurance plan provided by a certified insurer in Germany.


If you live and work in Germany, you may be eligible for state German health care if you are registered with a health insurance fund. Or you may also choose to be covered through private health insurance. Here’s how to evaluate which one applies to you:

  • If you earn less than €60,750 a year (€5,063 a month), you must participate in the government health scheme, Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV). You must do so as soon as you’ve signed your work contract
  • If you reach the maximum threshold of €60,750 a year, you can choose private insurance through Krankenversicherung or you can stay with the state insurance, GKV; if you stay with GKV, you are considered to be voluntarily enrolled in it

What you pay

PayPal covers 50% of the cost of the plan for you and your dependents, regardless if you are enrolled in the statutory or private insurance plan.

What’s covered

GKV covers care for you and non-working dependents who live at the same address and are registered with Krankenkasse. The care you receive must be through registered doctors, hospitals (both inpatient and outpatient), and basic dental treatment.

GKV doesn’t cover consultations with private doctors, hospital stays that include private rooms, alternative or complementary treatments, dental implants, or glasses/contact lenses for adults.

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for insurance:

  1. The easiest and quickest way is to find the nearest office of a major health insurance provider in Germany.
  2. Bring your passport, your Anmeldung from the Bürgeramt and your bank information with you to register on-site.
  3. Shortly after registration, you’ll receive a confirmation or registration called Mitgliedsbescheinigung. Submit this confirmation to HR Hub.
  4. A few weeks after you register with the health insurance provider, you’ll automatically receive a Sozialversicherungsnummer.

Provider contact information

HR Hub

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