Time off and leaves of absence

What you need to know

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering ample time off for all kinds of situations.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Employees are entitled to 28 days of annual leave per year. The only exception is employees falling under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) of the banking sector who are entitled to 34,5 days of annual leave per year (or as otherwise stated in the CBA) made of 26 days of annual leave and 8,5 rest days.

A few things to know

You are entitled to a leave after three months of uninterrupted work.

You may be denied leave if you have been absent without good cause for more than 10% of the time you should have been at work during the part of the year already elapsed.  Absences that have been authorized by PayPal ahead of time (prior authorization) or absences due to illness, accident, force majeure (except imprisonment), legal or public holidays or lawful strike are all considered to constitute good cause.

The leave of the first year is one-twelfth per working month.

The fractions of months of work in excess of 15 calendar days are counted as whole months of work. Fractions of days off over the half are regarded as full days.

In accordance with Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) regulations, which apply to employees within the financial services sector, you must take at least 10 consecutive days of annual leave within each calendar year.

These days do not include weekends or public holidays. This policy applies from your first full calendar year in Luxembourg (it is not pro-rated in your first year if you join after March). It also applies to individuals from other PayPal companies on secondment to the Luxembourg office. During this 10 day consecutive PTO period, you should not carry out any work activities and your tasks and responsibilities must be covered in full by a designated peer/colleague. Specifically, you are not permitted to initiate and validate any transactions, or access any other transactional systems, during this period. Your access rights to transactional systems may be restricted during these holiday periods. Please note that there are no exceptions at any level to this policy, and non-compliance with this regulation by employees and/or managers may result in disciplinary action against either or both parties.

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Requesting PTO

Your PTO requests should be submitted through Workday in the My Time and Absence section. Just type “workday” into your browser (must be on the Bridge from the PayPal network). Your requests will then be automatically routed to your manager who will review them. 

Please make sure that you use the following PTO types when making your request:

  • PTO Time off (Paid) for standard PTO
  • PTO – 10 Day Consecutive Time Off (Paid) for the statutory 10 consecutive days 

More practical information is available in the related guide.

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Paid leaves of absence

Maternity leave

Expectant mothers are entitled to 8 weeks maternity leave before the expected date of birth (“ante-natal” leave) and 12 weeks after the actual date of birth (“post-natal” leave). In total, maternity leave is 20 weeks.

During maternity leave, you are entitled to receive a maternity allowance that will replace your salary. This allowance is not paid by PayPal, but by the National Health Fund (CNS or Caisse Nationale de Sante). To receive this allowance, you must have been registered with the Social Security (CNS or Caisse Nationale de Santé) for at least 6 months during the 12 months prior to your Maternity Leave.

The monthly maternity allowance is as follows:

  • Amounts in principle to the highest salary received during the 3 months prior to your maternity leave
  • Is capped at a maximum of 5 times the social minimum wage 

The maternity allowance cannot be cumulated with sickness benefits or with any other professional income or benefit, including lunch vouchers.

While on maternity leave, you will continue to accrue PTO. The PTO you accrue and have outstanding can be carried forward until you return to work or may be taken directly after the end of your maternity leave.

Note: The conditions and benefits under the maternity leave depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

Ante-natal leave (8 weeks)

Pregnant employees are not allowed to work for 8 weeks before the expected date of delivery, with the due date being fixed by medical certificate. If the birth occurs:

  • Before the expected date of delivery: The remaining days of ante-natal leave are added to the post-natal leave
  • After the expected date of delivery: The ante-natal leave is extended until the effective date of birth, without reducing the duration of the post-natal leave

Post-natal leave (12 weeks)

Female employees are not allowed to work during the 12 weeks following childbirth. The post-natal leave can be extended by the number of remaining days of ante-natal leave.

Request a maternity leave

Expectant mothers must inform their manager and HR Hub about their intentions to take maternity leave.

You will need to provide a doctor’s or midwife certificate, confirming your pregnancy and the expected date of birth, to HR Hub and to CNS. You will then need to provide the birth certificate of the child to HR Hub and the CNS as soon as reasonably possible (normally within the first 4 weeks following birth). For further details, please contact HR Hub. Further details are also available on CNS and guichet.lu. You can also use the CNS maternity leave calculation tool.

Paternity leave

Fathers receive 10 days of paternity leave upon the birth or placement of a child younger than 16 years old that you plan to adopt.

You’ll receive 100% of base salary.

Other things to note:

  • You should take your paternity leave at once and on the birth of your child or the day your adopt your child
  • You will receive your normal salary for the 10 days of paternity leave
  • The conditions and benefits under the paternity leave depend solely on the applicable statutory rules

Request a paternity leave

Employees should inform HR Hub and their manager in writing about their intentions to take paternity leave at least 2 months before requested dates. The information should be submitted to HR Hub, including a copy of the medical certificate attesting the presumed date of childbirth or, where appropriate, a document indicating the foreseeable date of the welcoming of a child under 16 years of age for its adoption.

You must also request paternity leave in Workday.

Parental leave

You are eligible to take parental leave if you’ve been registered with the Luxembourg social security at the time of the birth or adoption of your child without any interruptions of more than 7 days in total, during at least 12 continuous months before the beginning of the parental leave.

Both parents are entitled to a parental leave for each child of either:

  • An uninterrupted 4-month or 6-month full-time leave; or
  • An 8-month or 12-month part-time leave. 

During your parental leave, you will not receive any salary or benefit from PayPal but an allowance from the Children’s Future Fund (CAE or “Zukunftkeess”). The amount is capped. Visit the CAE for more information on the indemnity amount, which may vary depending on your situation.

What else to know

Your first parental leave must be taken once, consecutively and immediately after the maternity or adoption leave. The parent who has not taken the first parental leave can take the second parental leave before the child’s 6th birthday. Parents cannot transfer their right to the other parent.

You will not accrue PTO during your parental leave.

Under certain exceptional circumstances, PayPal may request to postpone the leave by 2 months maximum and can refuse to grant part-time or split leaves. In this case, you will be asked to either take a full-time leave or renounce to the leave.

Note: The conditions and benefits under the parental leave depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

Request a parental leave

To request parental leave, submit your application to your Manager and Employee Central.

Once PayPal provides you with its agreement regarding the terms of the parental leave, you will need to provide HR Hub with the “Demande d’une indemnite de Conge Parental” document for signature, along with the birth certificate.

You will need to forward the signed document to the CAE. Notification of intention to take parental leave, to both the manager and HR Hub, is important so that Employee Central can promptly issue the “Demande d’une indemnite de Conge Parental” to you.

To find out more, see:
General information about parental leave
Practical information about parental leave
Calculate parental leave allowance

Parental bonding leave

All full-time and part-time employees may take parental bonding leave if you have:

  • A baby and need to care for your newborn child
  • A child placed with you for adoption or long-term (generally a year or more) foster care

Parental bonding leave gives you a minimum of 6 weeks of time off with 100% base pay.

This benefit is coordinated with all discretionary and/or statutory leave benefits that exist locally, such that the total period of paid leave available is no less than 6 weeks. Where local leave benefits exceed 6 weeks, but statutory pay is less than full pay, the employee is entitled to receive the difference between full pay and statutory pay. Where local leave benefits exceed six weeks at full pay, there will be no additional benefit.

Refer to the Bonding Leave Policy on HR Hub for more details (only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

Bereavement leave

Take time to take care for your family and yourself when a loved one passes away. The Global Bereavement Policy provides all full-time and part-time regular employees with paid time off when a loved one passes away.

Receive up to 20 consecutive business days of paid time off at regular base pay for the death of a:

  • Spouse / domestic partner / civil partner
  • Child / stepchild / domestic partner’s child / civil partner’s child

Receive up to 3 consecutive business days of paid time off at regular base pay for the death of a: 

  • Parent / step-parent
  • Grandparent
  • Legal guardian
  • Parent-in-law
  • Sibling / step-sibling

Receive 1 day of paid time off at regular base pay for the death of:

  • An aunt, uncle / brother- or sister-in-law
  • A daughter- or son-in-law, cousin, niece, or nephew 

Your manager may approve up to 2 additional days of paid time off if you need to travel out of town for services.

Note: If local laws mandate a bereavement benefit beyond what PayPal provides, local laws will prevail.

Request bereavement leave

Inform your manager about your leave plans as soon as possible. Once you submit your leave request in Workday, your manager will be notified and will approve or reject your request. Just type “workday” into your browser (must be on the Bridge from the PayPal network). Learn more on HR Hub.

Sick and medical leave

Employee sick leave

If you need to miss work due to an illness or injury, you must inform PayPal of your absence, orally or in writing, on the first day of your leave. You then have 3 days to deliver a medical certificate to PayPal certifying your inability to work and the estimated duration of the leave. The medical certificate must be submitted within 72 hours regardless of the duration of absence.

You will receive your full salary from PayPal until the end of the month during which the 77th day of sick leave occurs (calculated on an 18-month reference period) and without distinguishing whether the sickness period is interrupted by periods of work.

As long as the sickness that occurs during the paid leave period is medically certified and duly reported to PayPal, its length will not be deducted from the paid leaves. In other words, days recognized as sick leave are not considered days off.

Note: The conditions and benefits under the sick leave depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

Leave for family reasons

If you have a dependent child under 18 years old who you need to care for due to an illness, an accident, or another compelling health reason, you can take a special leave based on their age:

  • 12 days if your child is under age 4
  • Up to 18 days if your child is between the ages of 4 and 13
  • 5 days if your child is between ages 13 and 18 and is hospitalized

Parents can access their balance of leave on MyGuichet.lu.

For parents receiving allowances for disabled children, the duration of the leave is double the per age category. Learn more about taking a leave to care for a disabled child on the CNS website

Note: The conditions and benefits under the leave for family reasons depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

Accompanying leave

You may take a leave if you need to care for a person who cannot be cured or who is dying. The duration of this leave cannot exceed 5 working days per case and per year. It is treated as an absence due to illness.

This leave can be requested for:

  • First-degree family member
  • Second-degree family member
  • A spouse or partner suffering from a serious disease in the end stage

Inform your manager and contact HR Hub if you need to take this leave.

Note: The conditions and benefits under the accompanying leave depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

Extraordinary leaves

Receive paid leave of up to 5 days for certain life events, including marriage or partnership, death, a move, or your child’s marriage / baby. The number of days depends on the event and the applicable law and collective bargaining agreement, if any.

Employees are entitled to the following extraordinary paid leave days (or as otherwise stated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) of the banking sector):

  • 1 day for marriage of the child (2 days under the CBA)
  • 2 days for the declaration of partnership under the law of a child (under the CBA only)
  • 2 days for house moving (per 3 years of employment with PayPal)
  • 2 days for hosting a child under 16 for adoption purposes, unless the employee already benefits from a welcoming leave
  • 3 days for the employee’s own marriage (6 days under the CBA)
  • 1 day for the new partnership status of an employee (PACS) (3 days under the CBA)

You are entitled to take these special leave periods at the time the events take place even without having completed 3 months' uninterrupted service. Request an Extraordinary leave through Workday, which will then be routed to your manager. Just type “workday” into your browser (must be on the Bridge from the PayPal network).

Visit guichet.lu for more information on extraordinary leaves.

Note: The conditions and benefits under the extraordinary leaves depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

Other types of leave

You may be eligible to take additional leave, as follows:

  • Leave for political purposes
  • Leave for sporting purposes
  • Youth leave
  • Leave for development cooperation purposes
  • Leave for social mandate
  • Leave for those persons who are voluntarily providing fire-fighting or any other life-saving services
  • Linguistic leave

Note: The conditions and benefits under the leaves listed above depend solely on the applicable statutory rules.

View the Pay, Time Off & Leaves policy on the Bridge (must be on PayPal network) for more information about these leaves.

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