Time off and leaves of absence

What you need to know

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering ample time off for all kinds of situations.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

PTO is available for you to take time away from work and spend it the way you want to.

PayPal provides 26 days per year to all employees, regardless of years of service.

Your PTO is calculated pro rata if you join or leave PayPal during the working year.

Partial PTO days that are less than 50% of a day are brought down to a round figure. 

How it works

The PTO year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Any PTO not taken in the calendar year may be carried over until 30 April of the following year.

You should use any accrued PTO before being granted an unpaid leave of absence.

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Paid leaves of absence

Depending on your leave, supporting documentation may be required. Please visit HR Hub for more information (this page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

Educational training time off

You can take up to 10 days off within 2 calendar years. All 10 days can also be taken within 1 year. Submit your confirmation for the course you’re requesting for educational training time off.

Jury service time off

There is no time limit if you are required to participate in jury service. Submit the invitation letter to attend the Court as a Juror with your Workday request.

Childcare leave

You can take 2 days per calendar year to take care of your child(ren) age 14 and younger.

Wedding leave

You receive 2 days off for your wedding and 1 day off for the wedding of your child.

Personal unpaid time off

Contact your manager or HR Hub (this page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall) for additional information.

Provider contact information

Time away

HR Hub

This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.