PayPal offers generous time-off policies, including paid holidays, so you can be there for the special moments and recharge your batteries.

2024 holidays

New Year’s Day: January 1

Lunar (Seollal) New Year’s Holiday 1: February 9

Lunar (Seollal) New Year’s Holiday 2: February 10

Substitution for Lunar (Seollal) New Year's Holiday 3: February 12

Independence Movement Day: March 1

National Assembly Election: April 10

Substitution for Children's Day: May 6

Buddha's Birthday: May 15

Memorial Day: June 6

Liberation Day: August 15

Harvest Moon (Ch'usok) Festival 1: September 16

Harvest Moon (Ch'usok) Festival 2: September 17

Harvest Moon (Ch'usok) Festival 3: September 18

National Foundation Day: October 3

Hangeul Proclamation Day (Korean Language Day): October 9

Christmas Day: December 25

Visit the Bridge to view the PayPal Global Wellness Days (must be on the PayPal network).

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