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RethinkCare gives you award-winning, research-based resources, training, and support for a child with learning or behavioural challenges. Plus, it’s free to PayPal employees!

Raising children. It doesn’t come with a handbook. If you have a child with learning or behavioural challenges, it can be hard to know what to do. That’s why RethinkCare offers its research-based program to help parents navigate parenting a child with developmental disabilities.

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RethinkCare is a program developed by highly experienced clinicians, educators, and leaders in the field of developmental disabilities that shows you behaviour intervention techniques to help your child reach their full potential.

Parenting support when you need it most

RethinkCare provides a Parental Success solution that helps families raise happy, healthy, and resilient children. You can speak with on-staff board certified behaviour analysts or access 100+ on-demand courses to address the unique needs of both caregivers and your children, including children with developmental disabilities such as autism, ADHD, and Down syndrome.

You also have access to digital training courses focused on family wellbeing. These courses can help parents nurture their own mental health, practice mindfulness with their children, and boost their children’s executive functioning skills including attention, focus, organization, impulse control, and more. The content includes sessions, exercises, webinars, and tips to help manage modern parenting challenges.

RethinkCare is available at no cost to you.

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