Health plan

What you need to know

PayPal is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, competitive, and cost-efficient benefits that allow you to meet personal and family needs. With your health and wellbeing in mind, PayPal has partnered with GU Health to provide you with access to a tailored health plan with extensive benefits.

Plan options

Choose from 2 health plan options for your medical cover.

Standard option: Complete hospital and business 60 benefits. 100% company-paid for employee-only cover.

Upgrade option: Complete hospital and business 90 benefits. You can add your spouse or partner and children to this plan. You can also choose to upgrade to a higher level of extra cover that reimburses 90% of expenses and provides higher annual limits. 100% employee-paid. Refer to the rate sheets for cost of cover:

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What’s covered

Your health plan includes the following cover.

  • Public and partner private hospitals: 100% of the cost of hospital-related charges, including accommodation, theatre fees, labour ward, intensive care, and coronary care
  • Medical fees: 25% of the medicare benefits schedule (MBS) fee. Medicare covers 75% of the MBS. By using medical providers who participate in the GU Health access gap cover scheme, you can lower or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Annual excess/deductible: AUD 250 per person or AUD 500 per family, employer-funded

Extra cover

  • Physiotherapy: 60% of the cost, up to the annual limit of AUD 525 per person, combined with exercise physiology and acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care and osteopathy: 60% of the cost, up to the annual limit of AUD 450 per person
  • Artificial aids and appliances, dietetics, natural therapies, podiatry, occupational therapy, speech therapy, clinical psychology, and pharmaceuticals: 60% of the cost, up to combined limit of AUD 500


Dental cover pays 60% of the cost of care, up to a combined maximum limit per year of AUD $1,200 per person and a lifetime limit for orthodontic care of AUD 2,200. 


Vision cover pays 60% of the cost of care, up to an annual limit of AUD 180 per person per year.


Your health plan includes prescription cover that pays 60% of the cost of non-pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) items (excluding contraceptives and items normally available without prescription or not related to a medical condition) after you’ve paid a sum equal to the current PBS charge.

There’s a maximum limit of AUD 500 per person per year. This limit is combined with artificial aids and appliances, dietetics, natural therapies, podiatry, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and clinical psychology. 

Refer to the Resident/Inpatriate Insurance Booklet for more information.

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Enrolling in the plan

Visit the GU Health Insurance portal, and complete the online application form.

Monthly premiums will be deducted from your pay cheque if you choose an upgrade option. You’ll receive your health insurance card(s) within 2 weeks of enrolling in the plan. If you need care before you receive your health plan card(s), contact GU Health at 1800 681 926.

Your health plan cover will terminate when you leave PayPal, but you can transfer to GU Health as an individual member. Call GU Health at 1800 681 926 for assistance.

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Filing a claim

Submit your claims through Flex-eClaim, GU Health’s online claim system. You’ll receive instant feedback on whether your claim has been processed. You can also enjoy GU Health’s FastBack service with benefits paid straight into your bank account.

If you choose extra cover as part of your health plan, you can claim services such as dental, optical, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and alternative therapies at the time of service using your GU Health Insurance member card through the Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS).

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