Educational Assistance Programme

What you need to know

PayPal wants you to further your education — on us! When you take classes and developmental programmes for your current role (or potential future role), we’ll reimburse you through the Educational Assistance Programme.

About the programme

You may receive up to a maximum of £4,000 per calendar year for tuition, examination fees, and books. You must successfully complete your exams in order to obtain reimbursement once the course or college year is complete.

If approved for the programme, you may be granted a leave of absence with pay on the basis of one study day per exam subject per academic year, up to a maximum of five days per academic year. No study days are granted for project work or a thesis. You may also be granted a paid day(s) of leave for the actual day(s) on which you’re required to sit for your exam(s), applicable to the first sitting only.

If you leave within one year of successful completion of the course, or if you withdraw from or fail to complete the course, you’ll be required to reimburse the company the full amount for the academic year.

Travel costs or payments to cover accommodation for programme attendance are not covered by this policy. Any such costs, if agreed, will be granted from Business Units and claimed via the normal expenses claims procedure.


  • You must be employed by PayPal for at least one year before you can apply.
  • Performance must be at a meets or above.
  • You must not be on any disciplinary path at any time during the process.
  • Education reimbursement is available for certificates, diplomas, and bachelor or postgraduate degree programmes. Colleges or universities must be accredited by an accrediting body that is approved by government or a formal education award body in the country.

Get your manager’s approval first.
You must complete an application form and discuss it with your manager, and the course must be part of a personal development plan (PDP).

For more information on education assistance, including eligibility and the reimbursement process, visit the Bridge (only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

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Educational Assistance Programme

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