What you need to know

Employees are automatically covered under the statutory National Pension plan and also participate in the statutory Employees' Pension Insurance (EPI).

Supplementary retirement contribution

In addition, PayPal provides employees with a supplementary retirement contribution plan which is 10% of your monthly base salary up to a ceiling of JPY 1,000,000. This amount is split between:

Defined Contribution (DC) Plan with Sompo Japan DC Securities Inc.: Each month, PayPal will contribute up to ¥27,500 toward the DC Plan. For more details on the plan, please visit the Bridge. (This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.)

Retirement Allowance Plan (RAP): The balance between 10% of monthly salary (capped at JPY 100,000) and the contribution made toward the DC plan will be made to the RAP.

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Retirement plan

Japan Pension Service

Retirement plan

Sompo Japan DC Securities Inc.