What you need to know

Broken ribs. A difficult pregnancy. The unexpected can happen at any time. PayPal offers all employees disability in case the unexpected hits.

Short-term disability

If you become ill or injured and cannot work, PayPal provides you with unpaid leave. The leave period is determined based on your period of employment with PayPal.

The Health Insurance Association (HIA) plan also provides you with a sickness and injury allowance during unpaid leave and beyond.

For disability caused by work-related illness or injury, Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance (WACI) provides you with a short-term disability benefit.

Group long-term disability

Under this coverage, you’re eligible for:

  • Long-term disability benefit: 60% of your monthly base salary payable up to age 65, with monthly maximum of JPY 1,000,000
  • Total permanent disability benefit: 2 times your annual base salary

You’re also eligible for benefits paid through the National Pension’s Employees' Pension Insurance plan.

Experienced a work-related illness or injury? Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance (WACI) provides you with a disability benefit.

Group long-term disability insurance is 100% company paid, and you’re automatically enrolled. Coverage is for you only and does not extend to your dependents.

For more information, visit the Bridge or refer to your policy document. (These pages are only accessible within the PayPal firewall.)

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Short-term disability

The Foreign Transportation and Finance Health Insurance Association

Group long-term disability