Life and accidental death insurance

What you need to know

PayPal pays 100% of premiums for life and accidental death for you. This benefit doesn’t extend to covered family members.

Life insurance

Coverage is 36 times your monthly salary.

Accidental death

Coverage is an additional 36 times your monthly salary for death due to an accident.

Additional benefit

For life insurance, the seniority premium will be paid to your legal beneficiaries as required by applicable law. The seniority premium equals 12 days of base salary (capped at 2 MWB) for each year of service.

How to enroll

The enrollment form is provided to you in your hiring pack. Fill out the form and submit it to HR Hub. Once you submit the form, HR Hub (only accessible within the PayPal firewall) will contact Mercer to complete your enrollment.

Need to make a change?

If you need to change your beneficiary(ies), submit a ticket through Employee Central. Your beneficiary(ies) will be contacted by HR Hub in the event of your death.

Provider contact information

Life and accidental death insurance

HR Hub

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