Medical, dental, and vision

What you need to know

PayPal provides you and your dependents with 100% company-paid health care benefits.

What’s covered


Includes comprehensive inpatient and outpatient coverage. Your annual deductible is 1 monthly UMA ($2,450.24 MXN), with coinsurance of 10%, up to 20 monthly UMA ($49,004.80 MXN) after you meet your deductible.

Your comprehensive medical coverage includes the following:

  • Standard private room if you are hospitalized; expenses for surgery, treatment and recovery rooms, intensive care, and cost of bed for companion are covered
  • Medical fees for doctor’s visit and surgeon covered up to the usual and customary expense (UCR for Direct payment and UCR+100% in reimbursement)
  • Surgical fees are reimbursed up to the usual and customary expense (UCR+100% in reimbursement)
  • Maternity C-section and normal delivery are covered up to 20 UMA ($49,004.80 MXN), no deductible and coinsurance applies
  • Newborn care including pediatrician, nursery, and neonatal screening up to $4,000 MXN
  • Emergency care abroad covered up to $100,000 USD with deductible of $100 USD; no coinsurance applies


Covered exclusively through the Dentegra network (Plan Expansion) and includes diagnostic and preventive services, consultations, and amalgam fillings with coinsurance of 20%.


Covered exclusively through the Dentegra network and includes exams, frames, lenses, and contact lenses. Your deductible is $174 MXN + tax, and you’re insured up to $2,000 MXN.

For full plan details, including covered services and limitations that apply, please refer to your policy summary available on the Bridge.

How to enroll

You and your spouse/domestic partner and eligible children are enrolled in the plan once HR Hub receives the application (in your hiring pack) at the beginning of your employment. You’ll receive a welcome pack containing information about the plans.

To add or remove dependents after your initial enrollment, you’ll need to log a case with HR Hub. (This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.)

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