Time off and leaves of absence

What you need to know

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering ample time off for all kinds of situations.

PTO accrual

After your first-year anniversary, you receive 12 days of paid time off (PTO). PTO is prorated for part-time employees and for those joining or leaving PayPal midyear.

The amount of PTO you earn each year increases with the number of years of service you have at PayPal. You must take your PTO within 18 months after you’ve earned it. Any unused PTO will be lost.

On your annual work anniversary, you also receive a vacation bonus equal to 50% of the PTO you have accrued for the year. For example, on your first-year anniversary, your vacation bonus will be 50% of 12 days’ salary — six full days of salary.

Years of serviceNumber of days earned

* You receive two additional PTO days per each five additional years of service over 15.

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Requesting PTO

Before you submit a PTO request, check your balance in Workday to ensure you have enough to meet your needs. Accrued PTO days expire 18 months following your PTO anniversary date. Be sure to use them within that time frame.

You’ll also need to talk with your manager about your plans and give as much notice as possible so that your job duties can be covered while you’re out. We encourage you to do that before booking airplane tickets or booking travel plans.

Use Workday to submit your PTO request. Your manager will receive your PTO request and will approve or reject your request. Your manager will consider business needs, relevant circumstances, and how many hours of PTO you have accrued.

Notify your manager as soon as possible if your plans change. Your manager will need to adjust any work coverage plans made for your PTO. Then correct your PTO request in Workday. Your manager will be notified of this correction.

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Requesting advance PTO

You can request up to five days of advance PTO during any year of your service, including your first year. Advance PTO is PTO you will earn on your next work anniversary. Any advance PTO that you take will be deducted from your balance when you reach your next work anniversary date.

You must submit your request for advance PTO in Workday for approval by your manager.

If you leave PayPal for any reason, the amount of anticipated PTO will be adjusted in your final payment, based on how much advance PTO was taken.

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PTO payout if you leave PayPal

If you leave PayPal, you will be paid for any accrued, unused PTO up to your last day of employment. You cannot extend your termination date by using PTO after your last working day in the office.

Any PTO taken that exceeds the number of days you have accrued or advanced from your next work anniversary will be deducted from your final salary payment when you leave PayPal. If you don’t have enough PTO to be deducted, you’ll be required to repay the company.

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Leave of Absence Policy

Visit the HR Hub (only accessible within the PayPal firewall) for additional information and guidelines for taking a leave of absence (LOA). A few things to keep in mind:

  • Discuss your leave plans with your manager so he / she can plan business needs accordingly.
  • Submit your LOA request in Workday. You will see the leaves available to you. Select the appropriate LOA.
  • Submit the appropriate documents in Workday along with your initial request to avoid delays.
  • Your LOA request will be sent to your manager and HR Hub.

Maternity leave

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) provides 84 consecutive days (12 weeks) of maternity leave. Your leave will start on the day indicated in your IMSS leave certificate (Incapacidad por Maternidad).

When planning your maternity leave, talk to your manager when you start your leave process with the IMSS about what your potential leave dates are. Keep in mind that the dates will be determined by the IMSS when you start your process with them.

While on maternity leave, you’ll receive your full pay for a maximum of 12 weeks.

You’re also entitled to receive IMSS subsidy benefits during maternity leave if you meet certain qualifications determined by the social security. You’re responsible for initiating the request with the IMSS, providing all necessary documents and information, and following up directly with them to receive your subsidy payment. PayPal will provide the necessary approvals in the IMSS portal, as required, but is not responsible for the social security payment.

  • If social security payment does not cover your full salary, PayPal will pay the difference (if any) so that you receive 100% of your salary during maternity leave
  • If you do not meet the social security requirements to receive a subsidy, PayPal will pay your full salary during your leave

Refer to the social security website for instructions on how to request maternity leave.

Adoption leave

Female employees who legally adopt a child are entitled to six weeks (42 calendar days) of paid adoption leave.

Be sure to give your manager as much notice as possible when requesting leave. You’ll be required to provide the adoption certificate to complete your request in Workday.

Paternity leave

Secondary caregiver employees are entitled to five to 15 paid days for the birth or adoption of a child.

You must be an active employee when you become a father or secondary caregiver. Your leave must start immediately after the child’s birth or adoption date.

You can only request paternity leave on consecutive days based on your working schedule. Be sure to talk to your manager about your plans to take paternity leave, and request your time off in Workday. Supporting documentation (birth or adoption certificate) must be provided and submitted with your request for leave in Workday.

Marriage time off

All active employees receive up to three paid days of marriage time off per event.

You can request marriage time off within a month of getting married. You can only request marriage time off on consecutive days based on your working schedule. Be sure to talk to your manager about your plans to request the marriage time off, and make your request in Workday.

Supporting documentation (civil marriage certificate) must be provided and submitted with your request in Workday.

Sick time off

You’re entitled to up to five paid days of sick time off per year for unforeseen illnesses. You can request sick time off to take care of yourself or a family member.

You don’t need to provide a medical certificate for sick time off.

Short-term disability

You can use short-term disability for a planned or long-term illness, such as an operation or accident.

Give your manager as much notice as possible when taking short-term disability so that any necessary arrangements can be made to cover your duties during your time off. If you’re not able to plan your absence in advance, contact your manager (or in their absence, your second-level manager) on your first day of absence due to illness or accident.

  • Advise your manager of the reason for your absence and how long you may be off work. You do not need to provide health details to your manager.
  • Maintain contact with the company on a regular basis during your absence. Provide updates to the company regarding your condition and your anticipated return-to-work date.

Supporting documentation (Incapacidad de Labores document issued by the Mexican Institute of Social Security [IMSS]) must be provided and submitted with your request in Workday. It is your responsibility to provide an up-to-date medical certificate that covers the entire period of your absence.

Long-term disability

If you are considered to have a total and permanent disability, you may be entitled to 36 times your monthly salary.

Bereavement leave

Receive up to 20 consecutive business days of Paid Time Off at full pay if your spouse, domestic partner, civil partner (where applicable), child, stepchild, domestic partner’s child, or civil partner’s child (where applicable) passes away.

Receive up to 3 consecutive business days of Paid Time Off at full pay if your parent, stepparent, grandparent, legal guardian, parent-in-law, sibling, or stepsibling passes away.

Receive 1 day of Paid Time Off at full pay if your aunt, uncle, brother- or sister-in-law, daughter- or son-in-law, cousin, niece, or nephew passes away.

Your manager may approve an additional 2 days of Paid Time Off if out-of-town travel is required to attend or plan services for your loved one.

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