Bike plan

What you need to know

You’ve got wheels! PayPal is pleased to support your healthy commute to work by helping you purchase a bike with a tax benefit — once every 3 years.

How it works

Conditions of the bike plan

  • You can participate in the plan every 3 years, purchasing 1 bicycle
  • Bicycle accessories are included in the plan (see maximum spend amount below). The accessories must be purchased at the same time as the bicycle, and only accessories that are necessary for commuting to work are eligible (i.e., rain suit, laptop holder, etc.). Please note: children’s bicycle seats do not meet this requirement.
  • These definitions are based on tax authority’s regulation and are not negotiable

Application Process

  • Please reach to the Office Manager to clarify the process
  • Your bicycle and accessories must be purchased by PayPal (no reimbursement will be made for a bicycle not paid by PayPal). To organize purchase and payment, please reach out to the Office Manager.
  • Once the bicycle and accessories have been purchased, please submit the Bicycle Plan Registration Form and invoice to HR Hub by opening a ticket with payroll category (the invoice should include your full name and address)
  • The price of the bicycle and accessories purchased will be reduced by the tax advantage and deducted from your salary in installments. You can choose from 1, 3, or 6 equal installments.

Financial conditions

Costs should not exceed the following amounts:

  • The price of the bicycle should not exceed: € 749, including VAT. Should the bicycle cost more than € 749 (including VAT), the additional amount will be deducted as a one-time payment from your net salary with the first installment (not subject to tax-free advantage).
  • Bicycle accessories should not exceed € 246, including VAT (€ 82 per annum)
  • The total package (bicycle and accessories) should not exceed € 995, including VAT

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Bike plan

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