What you need to know

PayPal helps you save money on the cost of childcare for your children, up to the age of 4. You are entitled to request PayPal’s employer reimbursement through the tax authorities. In addition, the company will reimburse another 1/6 of the actual childcare costs, as long as you provide a copy of a contract or invoice of childcare for children who have not yet attended primary school.

How it works

To receive childcare benefits, you must provide to Payroll:

  • A copy of the contract with a reputable childcare facility (day nursery, child minder, etc.). In the event of any changes, you’ll need to provide an up-to-date contract.
  • A copy of the invoice that you will receive from the childcare facility, which itemises the number of hours used and the cost per hour. If you are a part-time employee, your child must be in childcare on a day on which you’re scheduled to be working for PayPal.

Once your child reaches the age of 4, you should engage with Payroll in a timely manner so that the childcare reimbursements can be stopped. Otherwise, PayPal reserves the right to recover any surplus retroactively by settling this with your salary via paycheque deduction.

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