Retirement plan

What you need to know

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) and PayPal Pension Plan provide financial security for you and your family during your retirement years.

Central Provident Fund

The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a comprehensive social security savings plan for citizens and PRs that provides financial security during your retirement years. More information can be found on the CPF website.

PayPal Pension Plan

Planning for retirement begins with thinking about your retirement goals and how long you have to meet them. As you save your money, you also have to invest it to grow your savings.

To help you meet your retirement goals, PayPal has launched the PayPal Pension Plan to assist you with planning and saving for your retirement and addressing any gaps towards retirement planning for our foreign employees in Singapore.

How the plan works

The PayPal Pension Plan includes two schemes: Defined Contribution (DC) plan and the personal Voluntary Contribution (VC) plan.

Defined Contribution (DC) plan

PayPal employees who have a work visa, are permanent full-time employees paid out of Singapore, and who are not eligible to participate in the Central Provident Fund (“CPF”) can enrol in the DC Plan.

Both PayPal and you contribute to the plan in accordance with the terms of the PayPal Pension Plan (similar to how PayPal contributes to the Citizens and PR’s CPF Account).

Personal Voluntary Contribution (VC) plan

Permanent full-time employees who are paid out of Singapore can enrol in the VC Plan. You can elect a percentage of your monthly base salary to contribute to the VC plan through payroll deductions.

Visit HRHub to download the Plan Document and FAQ.

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