Health plan

What you need to know

The Singapore health plan provides you and your family the health cover you need, when you need it. You’re immediately eligible for the plan upon your hire date.


The health plan is available to all full time Singapore employees and their dependants. The plan also covers fixed term contract employees and interns.

Full time employees can enroll their eligible dependants:

  • Spouse / same sex partner age 65 years or younger
  • Children 1 day old (and not in hospital confinement) to 24 years old (unmarried and unemployed)

This benefit is 100% company-paid.

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What’s covered

For complete details on coverage please visit HR Hub (This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.)

Clinical general practitioner

  • Panel clinics: Present AIA e-card, as charged, cashless
  • Government polyclinics: Full reimbursement
  • Non-panel GP clinics: up to SGD 100 per visit
  • A&E: Full reimbursement
  • Overseas general practitioner and specialist: Cover SGD 100 per visit

Outpatient specialist

  • Panel specialist consultation, diagnostic X-ray and lab test: As charged
  • Non-panel specialist consultation, diagnostic X-ray and lab test: Up to SGD 2000 per year
  • Outpatient physiotherapy and chiropractor: Up to SGD 3,000 per year
  • Outpatient cancer treatment: As charged
  • Outpatient kidney dialysis treatment: As charged
  • Outpatient mental health care (including developmental and behavioral conditions): SGD 3,000
  • Alternative treatments (TCM, osteopathy, and podiatry): SGD 2,000

Group hospitalisation and surgical

  • Inpatient and hospital services: Covered up to SGD 200,000 per member within Asia (SGD 150,000 outside of Asia)
  • Coverage for
    • Surgical fees, in-hospital consultations, and other hospital services: As charged
    • Pre- and post-hospitalization specialist consultation, diagnostic X-ray, and laboratory tests (90 days): As charged
    • HIV/AIDS treatment
    • Gender reassignment surgery
    • In-patient mental health care: Up to SGD 10,000
    • Rehabilitation benefit (up to 60 days): Up to SGD 10,000
    • Inpatient congenital conditions benefit: As charged

Group dental

  • Panel: 100% covered for basic and preventive treatments
  • Non-panel: Reimbursement up to SGD 1000 per year with 25% co-pay on each bill


  • Complicated maternity covered up to SGD 10,000
  • Miscarriage benefit: As charged

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Maternity reimbursement

Maternity reimbursement is provided under Flexible Benefits (FSA) to cover expenses incurred during maternity that are not covered by the health plan. The maternity FSA also covers expenses towards fertility treatments, such as IVF.

All permanent employees and their spouses are eligible under this plan.

Eligible amount of reimbursement

Employees can spend up to SGD 10,000 per year towards eligible expenses.

The following items are not covered under this policy:

  • MediSave amount
  • Discounted delivery packages due to credit card promotions
  • Birth control measures
  • Baby products, including diapers and baby bottles
  • Baby care

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Appropriate use of company benefits

Misuse of company programs, including the submission of false bills, is a serious matter that can have significant legal and financial implications for both the individual involved and the company. The misuse of company programs is prohibited by the PayPal Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and can lead to disciplinary actions, including termination of employment.

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Provider contact information

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