Flexible benefit plan overview

What you need to know

The flexible benefit plan offers you choice and flexibility in selecting the benefits for your lifestyle. Throughout the plan year, you can submit receipts to be reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket expenses.


All permanent PayPal Singapore employees, fixed term contract employees, and their immediate family members are eligible to participate.

Single employees: parents only

Married employees: spouse and children only


You’re enrolled automatically in the plan upon hire.

What’s covered

Employees are eligible to spend up to SGD 1,000 per year on any eligible expenses listed in the plan:


Alternative medicine (Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Medical expenses for parents
Medical expenses beyond or not covered by outpatient and inpatient insurance plan limits
Dental expenses beyond or not covered by dental insurance plan limits
Medical and dental appliances
Maternity expenses in excess of maternity non-flex entitlement
Lasik surgery
Over-the-counter medication

Physical Wellness

Executive health screening
Optical expenses
Health supplements
Quitting smoking program
Fitness classes / gym memberships
Fitness equipment
Participation in marathon
Ergonomic equipment (work-related furniture, including tables, chairs, spinal support)

Emotional Wellness

Psychiatric / psychologist treatment
Assessment and treatment for development delays or abnormalities

Family Wellness

Recreation and country club memberships
Infant care / childcare / preschool / kindergarten / after school care
Self-enrichment program fees

Financial Wellness

Employee personal insurance
Financial planning advisory fees

Some reimbursements are taxable and will be declared on your IR8A as taxable income. For more information, visit HR Hub (This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.)

Provider contact information

HR Hub

This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.