Can’t work because of an illness or injury? We have you covered. Take time off to get better or heal — and not lose your income — with PayPal’s company-paid disability insurance plans.

Short-term disability

Short-term disability provides you a benefit if you’re ill or injured and can’t work. The amount of cover follows the statutory requirements for up to 90 days.

Long-term disability (sick leave)

If you’re still unable to work due to illness or injury after your short-term disability ends, you may be eligible for long-term disability. If you qualify, you’ll receive benefits on day 91 (after 90 days of short-term disability):

  • Up to 10 PBA* — 10% (15% for early retirement)
  • 10 PBA – 20 IBA** — 65%
  • 20–30 IBA — 32.5%

You may also qualify for state sick allowance benefit paid at 77.6% up to 10 PBA.

Check out current PBA and IBA.

* Price base amount 
** Income base amount

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