What you need to know

As a PayPal employee, you may be able to claim annual eye care costs by providing receipts from visits to your vision care provider.

How it works

In accordance with the Swedish Work Environment Act, PayPal will cover the cost of an eye exam and computer glasses, if required to perform your daily work in front of a computer screen.

You can book an appointment at any licensed optician in Sweden. You may claim up to a maximum cost of SEK 198, excluding VAT for frames. If you select more expensive frames, the additional cost will be covered at your own expense. The cost of lenses may vary, depending on your needs, but should not exceed SEK 1,500. If you have an eye condition that requires specialist lenses at a cost greater than 1,500 SEK, contact HR to see if additional support is available.

The full cost of the eye exam and lenses, plus up to SEK 198 for the frames, should be claimed via Concur. Be sure to attach your eye sight prescription from the optician.

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