Time off and leaves of absence

What you need to know

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering ample time off for all kinds of situations.

Paid time off

PayPal values your wellness and wants you to take care of yourself and others in a way that best addresses your needs. Our Paid Time Off (PTO) policy provides the flexibility to use your time for whatever recharges you.

You’re entitled to 30 days of PTO each year (25 days if you are an intern). From your date of hire, you start to accrue 2,5 days PTO per month. You can use any PTO accrued, even during your probation period.

If you have not used up all your PTO in a given year, you'll be able to carry over up to 10 days maximum per year. You must use all carried-over PTO within 5 years.

If you have no PTO left and wish to take time off, you can take unpaid leave.

To request PTO:

  • Check your PTO balance in Workday to make sure you have enough PTO accrued to cover your absence. Keep in mind any carryover days you may have and when they will expire.
  • Talk to your manager to ensure any necessary arrangements are made to cover your duties while you’re out of the office
  • Submit your PTO request using Workday

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Additional time off

PayPal offers you additional time-off benefits, including the following:

Wedding leave time off

2 days per event (supporting documentation may be requested)

Moving / relocation time off

1 day per event (supporting documentation may be requested)

Exam / training leave time off

There is no limit to time off granted to sit for examinations, but supporting documentation from your university is required. Go to HR Hub (only accessible within the PayPal firewall) for more information.

Bereavement leave

PayPal provides you with 1 to 3 business days of paid bereavement time off.

Paid leaves of absence

Take care of what’s most important to you: your family. PayPal offers a variety of paid leaves of absence that allow you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Please check the relevant leave of absence policy to ensure you allow enough time for your notice. You can find additional information and guidelines for applying for leave through Workday on the Bridge (only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

Family medical leave

At PayPal, you are entitled to take leave to care for a close family member who is seriously ill. This leave is a maximum of 60 days for each person you care for. Your salary during this time is replaced by compensation from the government, and you are entitled to full job security and benefits during your family medical leave. Please give reasonable notice to your manager of your wish to take leave and confirm your intended duration of leave. Please contact HR Hub (only accessible within the PayPal firewall) for more details.

Maternity leave

National Insurance provides you with maternity leave payments, according to the following rules and conditions covered under the National Insurance Act:

  • A female employee who is pregnant and requests leave prior to the birth of the child is currently entitled to up to 14 consecutive weeks of unpaid leave
  • This leave begins no earlier than 7 weeks before the expected birth date and no later than the actual birth date
  • This leave ends no earlier than 7 weeks after the actual birth date
  • Unless an employee is on leave for another reason, it is mandatory to take 2 weeks of this maternity leave during the period immediately prior to the birth

Paternity leave

As a new father of a newborn or adopted child, you’re entitled to 10 paid days of leave from the National Insurance scheme. You must take paternity leave during the first 60 days following the birth or adoption of your child. If not used, your paternity time off will be forfeited. Be sure to apply for paternity leave at least 7 days before start of leave.

Parental leave

PayPal supports both parents through parental leave benefits that are provided by National Insurance, according to the following rules and conditions covered under the National Insurance Act:

  • Parental leave allowance is currently paid for a period of 480 days in total (in addition to the 14 weeks pregnancy/maternity leave) for both parents of a child
  • The number of parental leave days must be shared by both parents. Out of 480 available days, 420 can be used by one parent while the remaining 60 days must be used by the other parent.
  • The 480 days must be used before the child's 8th birthday

In addition to applying for parental leave, there are activities and information you should be aware of before you take your leave. Be sure to review the information below and contact HR Hub (only accessible within the PayPal firewall) if you have questions regarding your leave benefits.

  • As a parent, you may take a leave of absence during the time period for which you receive parental allowance payments
  • Parental allowance is paid in accordance with the rules for National Insurance. Learn more about the National Insurance plan
  • You may also take leave for temporary childcare during the time that you receive temporary parental allowance (in accordance with the rules for National Insurance). Temporary parental allowance is received for, among other things, child sickness and normally for a maximum period of 120 days per child, per year.
  • A prerequisite for temporary parental allowance is that the child is not older than 12 years
  • Further, irrespective of the right to parental allowance, an employee is entitled to be on unpaid leave for childcare until the child is 18 months old

Military service leave

If you were born after 1999, you’re entitled to apply to take time off from work to complete your military service. There is no limit to this plan. Military service is unpaid by PayPal, but you may apply to the State for payment.

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