Social and wellness programs

What you need to know

PayPal offers a number of social and wellness programs to keep you up to date and healthy.

Online wellness tools

You know your needs better than anyone, so PayPal has provided a range of online wellness tools to help you. Many of the online wellness tools center on mindfulness, so you can sharpen your focus. When you make time for yourself, you also grow as a Culture Champion. You can find more information on the Bridge (must be on the PayPal network).

Charitable giving

PayPal Gives

The PayPal Gives program supports your charitable giving. It encompasses PayPal’s global grantmaking and employee matching gifts and includes employee engagement programs that support our local communities, such as the Give Team program, skills-based mentoring, and resources for volunteering.

Give Teams

Groups of employee champions have come together to form Give Teams in offices around the world. These teams help foster strong relationships between PayPal offices and their local communities.

The employee-led teams serve as the means through which we support mission-driven nonprofit organizations in communities around the world. The teams provide individual employees with the opportunity to recommend nonprofits for grant support, participate in charitable fundraising events and drives, and connect with colleagues to plan meaningful volunteer activities.

Additionally, these teams implement green projects ranging from recycling initiatives to resource-sharing programs to community events like park cleanups.

If you are interested in getting more involved or just want to learn more, please contact your local team leader. If you don’t have a local team and you’re interested in starting one, contact

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Online wellness tools

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Giving programs

PayPal Gives