Educational Assistance Program

What you need to know

Further your education — on us! When you take classes and developmental programs for your current role (or likely future role), you get reimbursed through the Educational Assistance Program.

Getting your manager’s approval first

All full-time employees are eligible to receive reimbursement each calendar year for tuition, books, and lab expenses. Just get your course approved by your manager before you enroll, and successfully complete your exams.

What to do before you apply

Once you’ve researched and decided on a course of study, you may be ready to apply for education reimbursement. Be sure to review all available information in the HR Hub (this page is only accessible within PayPal firewall) and take these steps before you apply:

  • Review the full policy and associated criteria
  • Complete the Educational Assistance Request form and discuss your plans with your manager and team leader
  • Update your personal development plan (PDP) to reflect your participation in an educational program

Be sure to retain original copies of payment receipts.

Reimbursement process

Once you successfully complete the course or complete an essential part of the course, submit the following documents to HR Hub:

  • A copy of the transcript from the college or program administrator to you confirming you’ve successfully completed the course or essential parts of the course
  • The original receipt of payment from the college
  • A copy of your Education Reimbursement form as well as a copy of the completed Education Agreement

HR Hub records and checks the information provided by you. Once HR Hub processes this, payment information will be provided to payroll for reimbursement. You will receive this payment in the next pay run, and you will not pay taxes on that amount.

Need more information?

The Educational Assistance Program is managed through Performance and Development. For more information, go to Performance and Development on the HR Hub (this page is only accessible within PayPal firewall).

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Educational Assistance Program

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This page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall.