Can’t work because of an illness or injury? We have you covered. Take time off to get better or heal — and not lose your income — with PayPal’s disability insurance plans.

Short-term disability

You have short-term disability coverage that provides you with salary / income replacement through the Guatemala Institute of Social Security (IGSS) in the event of illness, injury, or maternity that prevents you from working for a certain period of time. 

Disability benefit

If you’re unable to work due to an illness or accident, you can request a suspension from work to the IGSS and will receive 66.7% of your salary after a 3-day waiting period, for up to 26 weeks (may be extended to 39 weeks).

The maximum combined benefit for multiple periods of disability is 52 weeks within 24 months. The first 3 days of the event are fully paid by PayPal.

Maternity benefit

Birth mothers receive 100% of their salary from the IGSS for 30 days before the birth of their child and 54 days after childbirth.

Nursing mothers also receive 1 hour a day at work to nurse their child, up to 10 months.

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Guatemala Institute of Social Security (IGSS)