PayPal offers generous time-off policies, including paid holidays, so you can be there for the special moments and recharge your batteries.

2024 holidays

The first day of January: January 1

The third day of Lunar New Year: February 12

The fourth day of Lunar New Year: February 13

Good Friday: March 29

Easter Monday: April 1

Ching Ming Festival: April 4

Labor Day: May 1

The Birthday of the Buddha: May 15

Tuen Ng Festival: June 10

Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day: July 1

The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival: September 18

National Day: October 1

Chung Yeung Festival: October 11

Christmas Day: December 25

The first weekday after Christmas Day: December 26

Visit the Bridge to view the PayPal Global Wellness Days (must be on the PayPal network).

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