Educational Assistance Program

What you need to know

PayPal wants you to further your education — on us! When you take classes and developmental programs for your current role (or potential future role), we’ll reimburse you through the Educational Assistance Program.

Who’s eligible

Full-time employees with PayPal are eligible for the program. Contractors and outsourced employees are not eligible to participate.

Getting your manager’s approval first

Eligible employees may receive educational assistance of up to a maximum of PHP 50,000 per calendar year for approved tuition, books, membership fees, and lab fees. Just get your course approved by your manager before you enroll, and successfully complete your exams with at least a grade of B or Second Class to be reimbursed.

Once your application is approved, you may register for the course. Be sure to retain original copies of payment receipts.

Reimbursement process

Once you successfully complete the course or complete an essential part of the course, submit the following documents to HR Hub:

  • A copy of the transcript from the college or program administrator to you confirming you’ve successfully completed the course or essential parts of the course with at least a grade of B or Second Class
  • The original receipt of payment from the college
  • A copy of your Education Reimbursement form as well as a copy of the completed Education Agreement

HR Hub records and checks the information provided by you. Once approved by HR Hub, submit your claim for reimbursement in Concur. You will receive reimbursement in the next pay run, and you will not pay taxes.

Any reimbursement received by you will be recovered if your employment is terminated for any reason within 1 year from the date of reimbursement. Repayment will be reduced by 1/12 for every full month of employment over the course of the year.

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Educational Assistance Program

HR Hub

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