Action Logement (Accommodation Assistance Programme)

What you need to know

Action Logement is a French programme that can provide you with different types of financial assistance to rent, buy, build, or renovate a home. This benefit is only available to PayPal France SAS employees.

About the programme

All companies based in France that employ 20 employees or more are required to participate in the Action Logement programme by paying a yearly contribution to the French authorities. Due to their small size, PayPal SE and PayPal Europe SE do not contribute to this programme.

If you are part of PayPal France SAS, you’re entitled to apply for the different types of financial help offered by Action Logement, as long as you meet the requirements of the programme. View the list of Action Logement products and services, as well as eligibility criteria.

Please note that the programme has limited resources; each case will be considered on an individual basis, depending on available funds.

For further information or support regarding the application process, or to check your personal eligibility for the programme, please contact the support line at +00 33 9 70 800 800.

Provider contact information

Action Logement (Accommodation Assistance Programme)

Aliance Territoires

Tél: +00 33 9 70 800 800
Fax: 01 58 05 15 87