What you need to know

The medical plan (“mutuelle”) is available to all employees of PayPal France SAS, PayPal SE, and PayPal SE EU. All employees must be enrolled in this plan. Mercer administers the medical plan, which provides coverage for you and your immediate family members: spouse/partner, common-law spouse, and children. Dental and vision benefits are included in the medical plan policy.

What’s covered

Please refer to the Résumé des Garanties Prévoyance document (in English or in French), which outlines the types of cover and refund thresholds available under the medical plan. If you have more specific questions about the plan’s cover, please contact Mercer directly.

Following are some of the more common services and how they are covered:


Medical serviceCover
HospitalisationConvention (doctors / hospitals participating in social security medical system): 100% of actual costs 

Non-convention (non-participating doctors / hospitals): 100% of actual costs, up to a maximum of 100% of the responsible rate (typical rate that would be charged for a physician appointment in the market)
Routine medicineConvention: 100% of actual costs 

Non-convention: 90% of actual costs
MaternitySingle Birth: 30% of Monthly Social Security Ceiling (MSSC) 

Twin Birth: 60% of MSSC
Thermal cures15% of MSSC
Prescription drugs100% of actual costs
Alternative medicine€45 per session, up to 4 sessions per year


Dental serviceCover
Treatments100% of actual costs, limited to 300% of Social Security tariff
Dental prosthesis reimbursed by the SS100% of actual costs, limited to 500% of Social Security tariff and limited to 100% MSSC by year and beneficiary
Dental prosthesis not reimbursed by the SS100% of actual costs, limited to 500% of Social Security tariff and limited to 10% MSSC by prosthesis (and limited to 3 prosthesis per year, per beneficiary)
Orthodontics (approved)100% of actual costs, limited to 200% of Social Security tariff


Vision serviceCover
Frames100% of actual costs, limited to €150 per person
Lenses100% of actual costs, limited to the maximum covered by the plan. Will be €450 to €870 per person, depending on the type of lenses.
Optical equipment 
(frame + two lenses)
Two single-vision lenses€50-€470
One single-vision lens and one complex lens€125-€610
Two complex lenses€200-€750
One single-vision lens and one highly complex lens€125-€660
One complex lens and one highly complex lens€200-€800
Two highly complex lenses€200-€850
Including optical framesCover for the cost of frames is limited to €150 and is part of the total optical equipment ceiling.

Cover is limited to one pair of optical equipment every two years. Minors or people who experience vision changes may be reimbursed yearly.

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PayPal pays approximately 56% of the premiums for employee and dependant coverage. You pay approximately 44% of the premiums.

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Joining the plan

Enrollment in the medical plan (“mutuelle”) is automatic at the start of your employment with PayPal. To complete your enrollment, submit a ticket with HR Hub (this page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall) and attach the following:

  • Bulletin Individuel d’Affiliation, filled in and signed
  • A copy of your “attestation carte vitale” or any other document from French social security with your SS number
  • Copy of bank details (RIB)
  • An “attestation carte vitale,” if you wish to enroll your spouse or children. HR Hub will receive your ticket and enroll you, and confirm back

Note: You will be able to sign up only once you have a French Social Security number. In this case, please make sure you keep all your medical receipts.

To add or remove any dependants from your medical cover, fill out the Bulletin Individuel d’Affiliation with information about the person to be added / removed. If you are adding dependants to your policy, you must attach a copy of the Social Security Statements (“attestation carte vitale”) confirming their social number.

You will need to log a case with HR Hub (this page is only accessible within the PayPal firewall) and submit the BIA (duly completed and signed). HR Hub will receive your case and make required changes, and confirm back.

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When you need medical treatment

Upon joining the plan, you will receive a Mercer Card (“carte tiers payant”), which you may use to cover the cost of hospitalisation, general practitioner (“medecin traitant”), and pharmacy expenses.

  • If you need to pay in advance in order to be hospitalized, be sure to fill out the following form with at least one month’s notice, and the plan administrator, Mercer, will liaise with the hospital
  • If you are at the pharmacy, present your Mercer card and your Carte Vitale, and you will not have to pay
  • If you are at your doctor’s office, present your Mercer card and your Carte Vitale, and you will not have to pay. Social security and Mercer will refund them directly. If your doctor does not access the Mercer card, you can pay the total cost and keep all receipts, to be submitted to Mercer.

For more information, refer to the Healthcare Guide.

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If you are hospitalised

If you know you will be hospitalised, just submit a request for consent to pay medical costs from your Management Center a few days before your admission to the hospital. Contact Mercer or by telephone at 0 825 001 289.

You will need to provide the following information to Mercer:

  • Name and address of the healthcare institution
  • Department (medicine, surgery, etc.)
  • Hospitalisation date
  • Social Security number of the hospitalised person

In an emergency, the consent to pay medical costs will be issued immediately if requested by you or by someone close to you. Certain healthcare institutions do this directly.

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Mercer, the medical plan administrator, provides a website dedicated to your social welfare. You will receive a personal, confidential code at your residence, which will enable you to:

  • Receive practical Mercer Infos newsletters
  • View your healthcare reimbursements online (Social Security part + Complementary Health Insurance)
  • Give your consent to receive your statements by email (one statement sent per event) rather than by mail (monthly statement)
  • Contact the Mercer center by email
  • Obtain consent to pay medical costs
  • Modify your personal contact information (mailing address, email address, etc.) 

When you access the portal, enter your user code and your password on the home page. To get your user code and password, enter the “insured” and “company” codes online, which you can find on your statement or on your Mercer Card.

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Provider contact information

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