PayPal offers generous time-off policies, including paid holidays, so you can be there for the special moments and recharge your batteries.

2024 holidays

New Year's Day: 1 January

Easter Monday: 1 April

Labour Day: 1 May

National Day: 8 May

Ascension Day: 9 May

RTTE1 All Company Day: 10 May

Whit Monday: 20 May

Bastille Day: 14 July

Assumption of Mary: 15 August

RTTE2 All Company Day: 31 October

All Saint's Day: 1 November

Armistice Day: 11 November

RTTE3 All Company Day: 24 December

Christmas Day: 25 December

Visit the Bridge to view the PayPal Global Wellness Days (must be on the PayPal network).

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