Time off and leaves of absence

What you need to know

Taking time off — away from your job — is vital to being at your best. We support this by offering ample time off for all kinds of situations.


PayPal values your wellness and wants you to take care of yourself and others in a way that best addresses your needs. You’re entitled to 25 days of vacation in your first year of employment, increasing to 26 days after 5 years of service, and increasing an additional 1 day for every 5 years of service up to a maximum of 29 days.

  • First 5 years of service: 25 days of vacation each year
  • After 5 years of service: 26 days per year
  • After 10 years of service: 27 days per year
  • After 15 years of service: 28 days per year
  • After 20 years of service: 29 days per year

If you join PayPal in the middle of the reference year, which runs from 1 June to 30 May, your number of vacation days is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

You may carry forward unlimited vacation days to the next year. However, you must use any carry-forward days by 30 September of the next calendar year, or they will be forfeited.

In addition, RTT provides you with an average of 10 days off per year (the RTT entitlement varies each year, and the calculation is based on legal criteria). Three of these days (RTTE) are decided by PayPal.

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Additional time off

PayPal offers you additional time off benefits, including the following:

Marriage leave

  • 4 days for employee’s own marriage
  • 1 day for child’s marriage

Bereavement leave

  • 20 days of paid leave for the death of a partner or child
  • 3 days of paid leave for the death of a parent, grandparent or sibling
  • 1 day of paid leave for the death of other family members

Child illness

  • Child under age 2: up to 8 days per year
  • Child of age 2–15: up to 6 days per year
  • More than 2 children: up to 8 days per year

Jury service

  • Half-day or full-day increments for duration of Jury Duty
  • Submit invitation letter to attend the Court as a Juror with your Workday request.

Military service time off

  • Annual 10-day limit
  • Supporting documentation required

Relocation time off

  • 1-day limit. Half days or full day.

Paid leaves of absence

Take care of what’s most important to you: your family. PayPal offers a variety of paid leaves of absence that allow you to take care of your loved ones. Please check the relevant Leave of Absence policy to ensure you allow enough time for your notice. You can find additional information and guidelines for applying for leave through Workday on the Bridge (only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

Sick leave

If you are sick and need to miss work, your first 3 days are covered in full by PayPal, regardless of your length of service. The CPAM (Caisse Primaire de l'Assurance Maladie) does not cover sick leave, even if prescribed by a doctor, for any absence less than 3 full days.

After 3 days, your sick leave is covered by the CPAM if you meet their requirements, up to a maximum limit of the PMSS (Plafond Mensuel de la Sécurité Sociale).

If you have one or more years of service with PayPal, and your salary is higher than the PMSS, the company will cover 100% of the difference for up to 90 days. To keep the mechanics simple, PayPal continues to pay you your full salary and claims the amount covered by the CPAM (IJSS = Indemnités journalières de Sécurité Sociale) directly from the CPAM on your behalf.

For absences longer than 90 days, the complement above the PMSS is covered by the insurance (Prevoyance) subject to applicable caps and ceilings — currently 85% of annual salary up to Tranche C ceiling.

Family medical (carer’s) leave — unpaid

You may take a period of 3 months of leave to care for an ill family member, which can be renewed 3 times, up to a maximum of 12 months. This leave is unpaid, and you should submit your request to Workday with any supporting documentation.

Maternity leave

For antenatal mandatory medical appointments, you receive 20 minutes of paid time off per day from your 3rd month of pregnancy until the beginning of your antenatal leave.

For antenatal leave, you are entitled to the following days of paid time off:

  • For your 1st child: 6 weeks before the expected delivery date and 10 weeks after the delivery date
  • If you have 2 or more children: 8 weeks before the delivery date and 18 weeks after the delivery date
  • In case of multiple births: 12 weeks for twins and 24 weeks for triplets (and more) before the delivery date and 22 weeks after the delivery date
  • For pathological cases: Additional 2 weeks before the delivery date and 4 weeks after the delivery date

If you’ve been with PayPal for at least 1 year, you’ll receive company maternity pay combined with the state maternity benefit, not to exceed 100% of your base salary. If you haven’t been with the company at least 1 year, you’ll receive the state maternity benefit only, unless your year of service occurs during your maternity leave — when company maternity pay will begin.

Paternity leave

Fathers of a newborn or adopted child may receive an additional 3 paid days of birth leave and 11 consecutive days (including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) paid by social security. In case of multiple births, the number of days granted by PayPal can go up to 18 days depending on the number of births.

Unpaid parental leave

If you have at least 1 year of service with PayPal, parental leave allows you to interrupt or reduce your professional activity in order to raise a newborn or adopted child (younger than 16 years old). You may request leave with an initial maximum duration of 1 year and can renew it only twice (for durations as wished). Full-time parental leave is without pay, as it results in the suspension of your work contract with PayPal.

However, during all or part of your parental leave, you’re entitled to a CAF allowance — complément de libre choix d’activité (allowance for free choice of activity) — if you meet certain eligibility requirements. You can find more information about how to claim this allowance directly on the CAF website.

Adoption leave

If you are the primary adopter of a child, you are entitled to adoption leave if you are newly matched with a child for adoption by an adoption agency. (Note: Adoption leave and pay is not available in circumstances where a child is not newly matched for adoption, e.g., where a stepparent adopts his/her partner's children.)

You are entitled to the following amounts of fully paid adoption leave:

  • 1 child: 10 consecutive weeks
  • If your family will have at least 3 children after the adoption: up to 18 weeks
  • Adopted twins: up to 20 weeks
  • Multiple adoptions (3 or more): up to 22 weeks

Adoption leave may be taken by either parent or shared between the 2, but French law has an incentive for parents to share it: If both parents take some of the leave, it is extended by the usual amount of paternity leave (11 or 18 days, depending on the number of children adopted).

Adoption leave must start 10 days before the expected adoption date.

Parental bonding leave

All full-time and part-time employees may take parental bonding leave if you have:

  • A baby and need to care for your newborn child
  • A child placed with you for adoption or long-term (generally a year or more) foster care

Parental bonding leave gives you a minimum of 6 weeks of time off with 100% base pay.

This benefit is coordinated with all discretionary and/or statutory leave benefits that exist locally, such that the total period of paid leave available is no less than 6 weeks. Where local leave benefits exceed 6 weeks, but statutory pay is less than full pay, the employee is entitled to receive the difference between full pay and statutory pay. Where local leave benefits exceed six weeks at full pay, there will be no additional benefit.

Refer to the Bonding Leave Policy on HR Hub for more details (only accessible within the PayPal firewall).

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