Medical and dental

What you need to know

Gil Vardi administers the medical plan, which is 100% company-paid for employee-only coverage. This means PayPal pays the cost of the policy, but you pay tax on the medical policy amount. Dental benefits are included in the medical plan policy.

Plan at a glance

Medical outpatient

ServiceRefund 80% of expenses, up to the limits shown below
First professional medical opinionNIS 800 for each medical opinion
Lab testsNIS 5,000 per insurance year
Physiotherapy12 treatments, up to NIS 2,500 per insurance year
Radiotherapy and chemotherapyNIS 10,000 per insurance year
Preventive medical services for employees over the age of 50NIS 333; once every 3 years
Lab tests for malignant growthsNIS 25,000
Pregnancy examsNIS 2,500 for the insured employee that is pregnant and up to NIS 5,000 if both spouses are insured
Fertility treatmentsNIS 15,000 per child
Learning disability and child developmentNIS 1,800 per insurance year
Medical opinion abroadNIS 1,200

Medical inpatient

In-network surgeon’s fee100% covered
Anesthetist’s fee100% covered
Operating theater at in-network hospital100% covered
Pathological examination100% covered
Operation at a public hospitalUp to 50% of the expense paid to in-network surgeons


Surgical tooth extractionRefund 80% of the expenses, up to NIS 333
Periodontal proceduresRefund 80% of the expenses, up to NIS 1,788

Special medical services

Telephone consultation100% covered
Night-time physician’s visitDeductible of NIS 25
First aid dentistry service100% covered
Assistance service and psychological counselingDeductible of NIS 80 for the first meeting and NIS 100 for each of the 11 additional meetings


PayPal’s company contribution toward the medical plan is NIS 75.29 per month. The amount is linked to the consumer price index (CPI) and varies from month to month. If you choose to enroll in the plan’s coverage, you’ll pay a monthly deduction of the medical policy’s tax value.

You also have the option to enroll your dependents in the plan by paying an additional cost:

  • Spouse / child over age 25: NIS 75.29 per month
  • Child below age 25: NIS 24.45 per month

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