Fitness reimbursement

What you need to know

PayPal supports your health and wellness, which is why we offer a Fitness Activity Reimbursement to cover your eligible costs when you enroll in health and fitness activities.

How it works

PayPal’s Fitness Activity Reimbursement is available to all regular, permanent employees. You can be reimbursed up to NIS 1,000 per calendar year for enrolling in eligible health and fitness activities, such as:

  • Membership fees for a fitness center, swimming pool, or running club
  • Enrollment fees for fitness classes such as spin, Pilates, yoga, and Krav Maga
  • Individual tuition for lessons including swimming, tennis, and personal training
  • Registration fees for sport events such as a marathon, bike ride, or race

Submit for reimbursement

  1. Email your scanned receipts to the IL office manager and request a refund. If the receipt is addressed to a different name than yours, you’ll need to explain the relation and prove that the activity was purchased on your behalf. If your receipt covers activity for more than 1 year, your refund will reflect the proportional cost in that given year, up to NIS 1,000.
  2. The IL office manager will work the payroll to process your refund requests on a quarterly basis and track your eligibility for refunds.
  3. You will receive a refund of up to NIS 1,000, which will be shown in your payroll. Payments will be processed in March, June, September, and December.

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