What you need to know

PayPal’s eldercare support programme is designed to foster healthy living for elderly parents of PayPal employees. This programme focuses on the various elements of parental health — from physical to emotional to financial — and provides assistance and resources to help you take care of your parents’ health.


Elderly parents of all full- and part-time employees are eligible for the following services:

  • Generic eldercare services (PayPal sponsored): Up to 2 parents or parents-in-law currently enrolled in PayPal’s medical insurance base plan
  • Specialised eldercare services (discounted): Up to any 4 parents or parents-in-law
  • Extended parents medical insurance (discounted): Up to 2 parents or parents-in-law not enrolled in PayPal’s medical insurance base plan

What’s included

Generic eldercare services

Generic eldercare services include a variety of benefits available to employees’ parents or parents-in-law (maximum of 2) who are enrolled in PayPal’s medical insurance base plan. Services are 100% company paid.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive annual health check (through Truworth) covering:
    • Home sample collection or lab visit for complete blood count, diabetes profile, kidney profile, liver profile, heart health, lipid profile, thyroid profile, and vitamin profile
    • Lab visit for ultrasonography and electrocardiogram
  • Follow-up doctor consultation (through Truworth) with either an on-call MD General Physician (GP) or an MD/MBBS GP (per availability) at a nearby centre
  • Emotional counselling — up to 6 sessions per year (through Optum)
  • Financial counselling — up to 6 sessions per year (through Optum)
  • Legal counselling — up to 6 sessions per year (through Optum)

Specialised eldercare services

Specialised eldercare services include home healthcare services available at a discounted rate to any 4 of your parents or parents-in-law. They don’t need to be enrolled in PayPal’s medical insurance base plan to qualify.

Services are 100% paid by the employee at the time of service and include:

  • In-home doctor visit
  • Short- and long-term in-home nurse or nursing attendant visit
  • In-home physiotherapist visit
  • Health checks and diagnostics
  • Pharmacy home delivery
  • Medical device home delivery, including BP monitors and glucometers
  • Chronic disease management (diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension)
  • Dental care plans
  • Yoga sessions

Extended parents medical insurance (voluntary)

Extended parents medical insurance is voluntary insurance cover that you can purchase for extended parents not enrolled in the company’s medical insurance base plan. You pay the insurance premiums through payroll deductions and can choose from 3 different plans: INR 2L, INR 3L, and INR 5L. Each plan covers:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • 30 and 60 days of pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Hospitalisation for psychiatric conditions
  • Oral chemotherapy

You can cover dependent parents up to age 85. The 30-day waiting period is waived.

For more information around the eldercare benefit programme, visit ElderCare@PayPal policy.

Appropriate use of company benefits

Misuse of company programs, including the submission of false bills, is a serious matter that can have significant legal and financial implications for both the individual involved and the company. The misuse of company programs is prohibited by the PayPal Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and can lead to disciplinary actions, including termination of employment.

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