What you need to know

Broken ribs. A difficult pregnancy. Back spasms from a car accident. There are plenty of reasons why you may need disability leave. That’s why PayPal provides this benefit at no cost to you.

How the plan works

If you’re unable to work, and your doctor has advised you to rest due to the diagnosis of a critical and prolonged illness (refer to the list of critical illnesses covered in the medical insurance program), you can apply for disability leave after using all your sick time off and paid time off.

Disability leave is fully paid up to 60 working days. It must be approved by the Director and above (in the business line) and the HR partner. If you require additional time off to rest and recover beyond 60 days, you can apply for an unpaid leave of absence with prior approval from your manager.

Contact Employee Central via HR Hub to apply.

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Employee Central

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