What you need to know

Broken ribs. A difficult pregnancy. Back spasms from a car accident. There are plenty of reasons why you may need disability leave. That’s why PayPal provides this benefit at no cost to you.

How the plan works

If you become ill or injured and cannot do your job, you can apply for disability leave. There is a 7-day unpaid waiting period. You can use any remaining PTO during this period. After that, you receive full pay while on disability leave.

Number of days Type of leave
Up to 7 days (waiting period) Unpaid leave or PTO
Over 7 days and up to 45 days Disability leave with full pay
46 to 60 days Disability leave with full pay
Over 60 days Disability leave with full pay

All employees are eligible for disability leave. Any employee on disability for more than a year may be terminated. 

Contact HR Hub to apply.

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