Eligibility and enrolling

What you need to know

All permanent employees are eligible for the medical insurance policy, administered by ICICI™ Lombard Health Care. Plus, you can cover dependants who meet eligibility requirements.

The company pays 100% of the premium to cover you and your eligible dependants for an INR 5,00,000 sum insured.

Eligible dependants

You can cover your immediate family members, including your spouse / same-sex partner, children, and parents.


Spouse / same sex partner.


Three child(ren) up to age 25.

Parents / In-laws

Any two parental dependants (e.g., mother and mother-in-law), up to 99 years old, can be covered.

How to enrol

You are automatically enrolled in the medical insurance policy, which is renewed in May each year. You can enroll your eligible dependents during the annual enrollment window. New hires are covered in the medical insurance policy starting with the date they join PayPal and are provided an opportunity to enroll their dependents and select a top-up plan based on their needs.

New hires are sent enrolment cards the month following when they join. While enrolment cards may take up to 6 weeks to reach you, your medical expenses during this period can be submitted for reimbursement once you’ve received the card. Contact the ICICI Lombard helpdesk for urgent assistance.

After you enrol

Once enrolled, ICICI Lombard Health Care will email you enrollment cards approximately 6 weeks from joining.

Mid-term inclusion of dependants

Mid-term inclusion of dependants is allowed only in the below scenarios:

  • A spouse can be added in the mid-term within one month from date of marriage
  • A newborn baby can be added within 30 days from date of birth

All other dependants need to be enrolled at the start of the policy, i.e., 1 May each policy year.

Provider contact information

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