Expectant mothers at work

What you need to know

While at work, expectant mothers receive the following benefits to help care for themselves and their babies.

Making sure your workstation works for you

To ensure optimal comfort at work, expectant mothers receive an ergonomic assessment of their workstations. You can schedule an assessment through your local safety and security team (DP-PP-SecurityOps-Dublin) or ergonomic specialist.

Taking a break in the first aid room

Expectant mothers can use the first aid room whenever they need to get some rest. And when you return to work after maternity leave, you can use the first aid room to express breast milk.

The benefit of better parking

The company offers an expectant mother parking benefits during the third trimester.

Time off for ante-natal and post-natal care

You receive PTO for any ante-natal medical appointments before birth and post-natal medical appointments during the first 14 weeks following the birth of your baby.

You must give your manager two weeks’ notice in writing of all ante-natal and post-natal appointments, and you may need to provide a doctor’s note from the appointment.

Ante-natal classes

Expectant mothers also receive PTO to attend one set of ante-natal classes.

Expectant fathers can take PTO to attend the last two ante-natal classes when attended by the expectant mother. You must provide your manager with two weeks’ notice in writing, including a letter from the hospital confirming the dates and times of the classes.

Requesting PTO

  • Salaried employees—Enter your medical appointments in Workday, and attach your medical certs to the request
  • Hourly employees—Submit your PTO requests through Kronos

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Expectant Mothers at Work


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