Help with your medical plan

What you need to know

Your medical plan includes several resources to help you get the most of this benefit and ensure you’re receiving the best possible care. Whether you’re confused about a diagnosis, need care while travelling, or want help filing a claim, we’ve got the resources to help.

Expert medical opinion

All PayPal employees and their eligible family members have access to expert medical opinions through Advance Medical.

When you need to make a medical decision, Advance Medical can connect you with a physician case manager who will advocate for you and help you make an informed decision. Receive a comprehensive medical review of your case regarding your care and treatment options at no cost to you.

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Provider contact information

Medical and 24/7 NurseLine

Get medical support anytime, any day, with 24/7 NurseLine. The confidential telephone service connects you with a qualified nurse who can give you information on a wide range of medical issues and conditions.

Plus, 24/7 NurseLine offers the One-to-One Midwife service for expectant mothers seeking a midwife. 

Call 24/7 NurseLine

+1 850 247 724

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Provider contact information